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Category: Art
(Rotten) food 2006 Of “food” with “rot”, the border is thin… as is fragile the passage between two conditions of the same thing. Between waste, food which rots, and humus, rot which nourishes, “(Rotten) food” can really make us ask questions about our contemporary society. Out of context, lost in a kind of elsewhere, the only thing to see and look in the image, the subject represented imposes a halt, forcing the spectator to confront, to question oneself and to eventually react perhaps: Why did this food rot ? What will we do with it? Can we find that beautiful ? What does it mean ? Lonely in an unidentified space, the subject takes another direction ; more than the food which rots, it returns to the more universal image of food and degradation. Food physical, as well as intellectual and psychic. Degradation of the objects, as of the individual who will also end up deteriorating and die. Degradation of relations, situations and problems, that we can let get worse, grow acrimonious, through lack of courage or will, for fear of tackling them… whether it is at the individual level, social or universal. The aesthetically staging of the subject is the means of saying that degradation and death belong to the normal cycle of life, and asking the question : what do we do with these “dead, useless objects”? Food-object which, in the rational cities that man built, does not have the possibility of living its cycle of degradation any more. Objects born in a logic of progress and innovation, having increasingly short cycles of life, to which we only very recently included the need for recycling. Is this way of letting things rot, a will to let a world, which is not appropriate to us any more, die. This world resists whereas we would like a new world to be born which does not manage to be born ?
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