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PhotoAmigo is a photo sharing website where you create your own free photoblog, upload photos and connect with people from all around the world.

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Your photoblog on PhotoAmigo serves as a photo diary where you post interesting images you capture in your world, images that inspire you at a fleeting moment and images of everything you love. Everyone here wants to see not only what drives you to get up everyday but that which propels you through life. Your photoblog may also be a way to speak up for good deeds or against the injustices you see around you. Simply said, PhotoAmigo photoblogs are a new, powerful and exciting tool for self expression that many people find to be personally satisfying. It brings you together with people from around the globe and meet new people right in your own region with similar interests or vastly different world views.

We feel that PhotoAmigo is a safe comfortable place to explore the new global community and share a bit of the world around you.

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Some benefits to having your own PhotoAmigo photoblog:

  • Friends, family, and other PhotoAmigos can check out all the photos whenever they want just by visiting your photoblog on PhotoAmigo.
  • Your friends and family can leave you messages on all the photos in your album, and you can do the same.
  • You can store e-mail addresses in your PhotoAmigo Address Book and choose to auto-notify people when you post a new photo to your album.
  • You can add PhotoAmigos to your album so you know when all of your PhotoAmigos post new photos.
  • PhotoAmigo Pro and Premium members can customize their album fonts, font colors, link colors, background colors, and background patterns. Be creative with Your Own PhotoAmigo PhotoBlog. It's like having your own custom web site without all the work!

Create your own Free photoblog on PhotoAmigo!

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Team PhotoAmigo

Robert Heckes is in charge of the development and growth of products & services at PhotoAmigo. With a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute & engineering studies at U.C. Berkeley, Robert brings a special blend of Art & Technology to PhotoAmigo. Check out Robert's PhotoAmigo