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a great friend and his 4 year old son spent the weekend with us. Before they arrived I prepared a "focus" zone for iven (the child) thinking that if he were a little shy with us- we hadn't seen him since he was a baby- he'd have a place to retreat and play. I created a large triangle shaped house for him to play with out of some 4' x 8' cardboard that my husband has/had. a very basic structure. I put some crayons inside so he could decorate the walls. I stepped out to run an errand and upon my return fred and iven had arrived and iven was already inside the house with the crayons. but decorating wasn't what iven had in mind- it was more like designing or creating... or perhaps simply completing a concept. he and his dad weren't here but 5 minutes and iven already had windows, doors and trap doors for small animals to enter already drawn onto the structure. but that wasn't enough, he immediately informed me (very politely i might add) that i was to cut these things out.
long story short: by day two the house had serran wrap- full blown windows, an addtional wall was added for a back door to be installed, a chimney, a stove with a working mini tv inside for a light, a "frigerator", brick, 2 shields, 2 swords, a sword holder at the front door (no swords allowed in the house), ping-pong ball door knobs, cardboard plates, cardboard tomatoes and chips, and a chandelier (flashlight), and last but not least- a balcony. every element was iven's idea. he was the architect and contractor while the three adults ended up being the laborers- he is a young man who delegates very well.

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