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Category: Helpful People
Photo: Bono singing at the 2001 Grammy awards -- U2 won 3 Grammys for "It's A Beautiful Day"

Bono makes "fiery" speech

I was really annoyed by the "press" coverage of this - the online press anyway. They showed a "soundbite of Bono's speech that, if watched cold and without previous knowledge, comes across as a rant.


They only showed less than a minute (the last minute) of a 6+ minute speech which started out with jokes!

It was a passonate speech - an fan posted this at (an American "fan site" - the online equivalent of a "fanzine":

"NEW @U2
March 02, 2007
posted by: m2

"With a speech that would've made Martin Luther King Jr., smile with pride, Bono accepted the Chairman's Award at the 38th annual NAACP Image Awards tonight in Los Angeles.

"The 20-minute tribute included a new video detailing Bono's long-running fight against poverty and AIDS in Africa, as well as praise from comedian Chris Tucker, who has traveled around Africa with Bono. Tucker told the Shrine Auditorium crowd, 'God has blessed us with Bono.'

"Tucker introduced the Roots, who performed a terrific medley of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and 'Pride [In the Name of Love]' [with a bit of 'New Year's Day'), adding their own [rapped] lyrics to the former and including a snippet of the lyrics to the song "War" in the [bit of 'New Year's Day' and Pride']."

[presenting the award were Tyra Banks and Julian Bond, the chairman of the NAACP]

"Bono eventually took the stage, telling the crowd about growing up in Dublin and the religious strife there, and how he was 'parched for the vision that poured out of the pulpits of black America, the vision of a black reverend from Atlanta. A man who refused to hate because he knew love would do a better job.'

"The spirit of MLK was in the house as Bono's speech climaxed with a King-style litany of declarations, each one beginning with 'God is...' and Bono shouting louder with each one. It was breathtaking to see the crowd rise to its feet, almost row by row, as Bono spoke."

Here's what I gleaned from the speech as I e-mailed to many people:


" . . . The poetry and the righteous anger of the black church, that was such an inspiration to me, a white, almost pink, Irish man, growing up in Dublin. This is true religion. True religion will not let us fall asleep in the comfort of our freedom. 'Love Thy Neighbour' is not a piece of advice, it's a command! . . . Where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die . . . "


His most passionate words were specifically addressed to " . .. those in the church who still sit in judgement on the AIDS emergency . . ." (not just in Africa, either!), something that soundbites on web news sites LEFT OUT!


" God, my friends, is with the POOR , and GOD is with US if WE are with THEM . . . "

would people mock if Mother Teresa made this speech? Or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? No! continues:
"Update: It's on YouTube, of course."


which is PART THREE of the whole thing.

Part 1: A video Tribute to Bono, narrated by Julian Bond:

Part 2: the Roots do their Tribute:

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