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In spite of my dad being a convinced atheist and my mother not really a practicing catholic, I was baptized. I was baptized together with my cousin (born a couple days before me) and a bunch of other kids and families who didn’t know each other. Obviously the whole ritual was just a way of not arousing (my very catholic and matriarch) grandmother’s anger.
My parents never bothered continuing my religious education, a fact that upset me a bit later on when we lived in Spain. Spain being an extremely catholic country, all the kids in my class would go to catechism classes, where they were taught a bunch of stories which I thought were all very cool and they made a huge deal about their communion, I felt completely left out. One Saturday, I got invited to a sleep over at a friend’s house. She was the daughter of one of owners of the Tibidabo amusement park and we were very excited because we knew that the next day we would be able to go to the park for free and run wild around the park with no adult supervision. So on Sunday we got woken up really early to go to Sunday mass. All of this was completely new to me so when her mother asked me if I had already had my communion I lied and said yes so I got to feel like a good little catholic girl even if just for one day! And of course I was dying to know what holy wafer tasted like, all the girls who had tried it kept talking about having out of this world experiences( most probably the result of sublimated sexual urges!!) and I was not going to pass by the opportunity. It goes without saying, I was quite disappointed.
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