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Category: Abstract
"NanoHologram 1" - NanoArt Limited Edition prints. The artist created a nanosculpture (sculpture at molecular and atomic levels) by freezing a tiny drop of colloidal graphite (graphite nanoparticles in a suspension) in Liquid Nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius. The monochromatic micrograph has been painted and manipulated digitally and the final image was printed on canvas with archival inks specially formulated to last for a long time. NanoArt is a new artistic discipline at the art-science border. Contact the artist for more details. The depth and three dimensions achieved in NanoArt set this process of electron imaging apart from Photography. During this artistic-scientific process the images are created by electrons (electrically charged particles) rather than photons (particles of light) as in Photography. The electrons penetrate deeper inside the structure creating images with more depth, more natural 3D look than photographic images. The Limited Edition can be printed by request in a larger size on fine art paper or canvas (maximum size: 117cm x 81 cm x 5cm). All prints are hand-signed and numbered by the artist. To buy the original contact the artist (original size: 152cm x 102cm x 5cm).
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