rdale1 I like the "V" of her back. Lovely.
Misshomespun this is a bit spooky to me, but still lovely.
velvetgold81 It reminds of a scene in "The Loss of sexual Innocense." Very beautiful.
foreboding, twisted well shot and lovely all at the same time
tanddjohnson I hope someone comes along pretty soon and gives her a lift. Great shot.
Gulliver How you do it?... all the time this beautifull pictures... thanks for your work.
mdanforth I thought of the word "cinematic", but that sounds kind of pretentious. I like the mood, mystery, contrasting textures.
it has a great deal of 'atmosphere'... dont know how to explain it, but it really involves you
LornaValentine thank you for your genorous comments, I completely admire your work. If you dont mind my asking what cameras do you use?
epmd73 fancy meeting you here. love the winding road.
Batfink the long and winding
meeradji i too have some problems with the perspective and her body language. I get a feeling as if this person is being threatened and chased by somebody.
_goon_ or maybe just awaiting a strange encounter. unclear, which makes it a powerful image. and everything is curves here, i like that
super8mm wow!
ondasemar hi!
ondasemar very good!
polaroid_billy wonderful red and greens
mansoas Lovely
pauljapan very cool pic!
Esta foto da fobia... Es un sentimiento extraño el que me transmite.
dois_sete wonderful pic.
cool shot.